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communication is not easy

hari ini dapet imel menarik dari milis boulder-community
Communication is not easy!
(Half Century of politeness)

An elderly couple celebrated their golden anniversary after long years of marriage. While eating breakfast together, the woman thought," For fifty years I've always been considerate of my husband and have always given him the crusty top of the breakfast roll. Today I want finally to enjoy this delicacy myself" She spread the top part with butter and gave the other part to her husband Contrary to her expectation, he was very pleased, kissed her hand, and said...

"My darling, you've just given me the greatest joy of the day. For over fifty years I have not eaten the bottom part of the roll, which is the part I like best. I always thought you should have it because you like it so much"

“communication is not easy”

  1. Blogger L3L1 Says:

    50 taon merit dan msg2 punya persepsi yg berbeda mengenai bagian fav pasangannya :p bener2 konyol ya kalo dipikir2, tapi kdg itulah yg terjadi karna kdg kita suka maen tebak dan pake takaran/standar kita sendiri.. Akibatnya ya itu.. Miss communication :)