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what's new?

Sachet Marketing

Thinking small in large volumes -- the essence of SACHET MARKETING -- yet never losing brand focus, could open up entirely new markets for many of the worlds B2C and B2B manufacturers and service providers. If your customers are willing but cash strapped, think micro loans, think mini-sizes, think leasing, think bundling, think reselling! It will make you money, AND lay the foundation for brand awareness with future affluent customers. And as the microfinance and Whirlpool examples show, some of the thinking may eventually translate in innovative products for mature markets as well.


What is life? Can we make it?

Is "synthetic biology" on the point of making life? Unlike genetic engineering or biotechnology, the new discipline is not about tinkering with biology but about remaking it. Risks and rewards will be greater than anything yet encountered...



Macromedia just released the second update to Macromedia Flash MX 2004, code-named Ellipsis, which updates Flash MX 2004 to version 7.2. Ellipsis includes more than 120 bug fixes and additions, focused on improvements to the following areas:

  • Documentation
  • Resource usage and performance
  • Components

And in addition, Ellipsis includes the following:

  • A Scrollbar component
  • A JSFL File API
  • An EventDelegate class
  • Two complete sample projects
  • ASO Cache Cleaning Commands


Flash IOS (Flash Internet Operating System)


wah bagus banget nih. mungkin sekarang belom laku dijual, tapi pengembangannya bisa macem2 and kayaknya bisa 'mahal' ;)


“what's new?”

  1. Blogger L3L1 Says:

    Waduh.. Jadi biro konsultasi segala macem ya? Warung gado2 neh :p