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because you loved me

tadi sempat denger because you loved me-nya celine dion di radio.
ada sepotong lyric bunyinya kayak gini:

you gave me wings and made me fly
you touched my hand i could touch the sky
i lost my faith, you gave it back to me
you said no star was out of reach
you stood by me and i stood tall
i had your love i had it all
i'm grateful for each day you gave me
maybe i don't know that much
but i know this much is true
i was blessed because i was ...loved by you

wah cihuy ya kalo punya pendamping kayak gitu.
heheheh kok jadi romantis gini? help meee...

- thank you ma -


“because you loved me”

  1. Blogger dils Says:

    huayoo.. abis kesambet di mana, mi ?

  2. Blogger emily Says:

    mimi...aku suka nih lagu loh..:)

  3. Blogger morning-moon Says:

    Wah jadi ingat film-nya Robert Redford "Up CLose & Personal". Kalau nggak salah lagu ini OST-nya ya.....

  4. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    hahaha tandanya lo mesti cepet log out dari komputer ini dan maen2 keluar cari udara segar hahaha

  5. Blogger linda Says:

    waaaaaaah lagi fall in love ya mi???

  6. Blogger dB Says:

    being romantic is not a crime ... :))

  7. Blogger mimimama Says:

    dils: irian barat! wahahahaaa... :))
    emily: sama donk mil hehehe
    morning-moon: iyak no, filem bagus yah ;)
    Anonymous: /me attempting to rejoin #real_life
    linda: waaaaaaah ga tau nih lin :D
    tari: yeah rite!