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the animal song

superstars and cannonballs running through your head
television freak show cops and robbers everywhere
animals and children tell the truth, they never lie
which one is more human
there's a thought, now you decide

compassion in the jungle
compassion in your hands yeah
would you like to make a run for it
would you like to take my hand yeah

'cause i want to live like animals
careless and free like animals
i want to live
i want to run through the jungle
the wind in my hair and the sand at my feet

iyah, enak kali ya hidup kayak binatang?
nggak dikejar target, nggak ngurusi gengsi, nggak butuh duit.
pokoknya hidup sederhana, makan, kawin n bersantai2 uuhhh...
nggak ada status yg perlu dikejar
nggak ada uang yg bikin pusing
nggak ada bos yg gila hormat
nggak ada kosmetik mahal
nggak ada janji palsu
nggak ada korupsi
nggak ada bom

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