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beberapa yg ganjil di formula one

ya, masih tentang formula one, kalo bosen, baca blog lain ajah... hihihi :D

"This is my year" - David Coulthard (1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003)

"Well done well done, Ya stupid" DC
"A no noa I a spun" JPM
"I noticed, ya hit me ya twat!" DC
"I a spun" JPM

Williams Onboard radio (Spa 2002):

P.Head: "Step on it Juan, keep up sector 2"
JPM: "I can't! I have Kimi in front! Fucking idiot! This fucking idiot doesn't let me pass! He made me lose my lap! Fucking idiot! Fuck this!"

Ferrari Onboard radio (Hockenheim 2000):

Todt: "Congratulations Rubens, great race! Congratulations!!!"
Barrichello: "ahahahahahahahahaha!"
Brawn: "Well done, we've won! Well done! Congratulations!"
Barrichello: "ahahahahahahahaahah!"
Some other voice I couldn't reckon: "Great race, Well done!"
Barrichello: "ahahahahahahahahahah!"

(The guy was so happy for his first win and had such a relief the race had ended that he couldn't stop laughing...)

beberapa quote dari Murray Walker:

"Mansell is slowing it down, taking it easy. Oh no he isn't! It's a lap record."

"Senna 1st, Prost 2nd and Berger 3rd that makes up the top four!"

"And Michael is lapping about two seconds a lap slower than his brother Michael."

"And we have had 5 races so far this year, Brazil, Argentina, Imola, Schumacher and Monaco!"

nah quote paling tolol tu kejadian sekitar tahun 80-an, komentator F1 kroasia, Mladen Delic ngomong gini:

"And the race started, it was a poor start... but what the hell is going on??? no one overtaking no one!... just look at them... they are driving swerves... they are so slow... is this some kind of a strike... this is scandal this is scandal... i don't remember seeing that..."

(A minute of silence and then...)

"dear spectators I am sorry, this was just a warm-up lap!"

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