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roman picisan

i want to take you to the end of the rainbow
watch the stars crash in the sea
if i could ask god just one question
why aren't you here with me, tonight?

someday we'll know
if love can move a mountain
someday we'll know
why the sky is blue
someday we'll know why i wasn't meant for you


sayangku ku mohon
tetap disini
temani jasadku
yang belum mati

rohku melayang, tak kembali
bila kau pun pergi
meninggalkan yang terbaik
bagi kita semua

ku coba kembangkan sayap patahku
tuk terbang tinggi lagi diangkasa
melayang melukis langit
merangkai awan awan mendung


who do you think you are
standing in the dark
are you waiting for me
why can't i reach you from here

and how do i get to you
won't you let me through
don't you think maybe we
have something special to be shared

well all i am
is lonely (just) like you
all i wanna do
is have one dream come true
all i am is handing you my heart
and hoping to be part of you