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Old Typxwritxr

Xvxn though my typxwritxr is an old modxl,
it works vxry wxll - xxcxpt for onx kxy.
You would think that with all thx othxr kxys
functioning propxrly, onx kxy not working
would hardly bx noticxd.

But just onx kxy out of whack sxxms to ruin
thx wholx xffort.

You may say to yoursxlf - Wxll, I'm only onx pxrson.
No onx will noticx if I don't do my part.

But it doxs makx a diffxrxncx !

Bxcausx... for a txam to bx xffxctivx,
it nxxds activx participation by xvxry onx to thx bxst
of his or hxr ability, within practical limits.

So thx nxxt timx you think you arx not important,
rxmxmbxr thx old typxwritxr.


You arx a KXY pxrson

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