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radio log

[Ron Dennis, Team Principle] – Phil, we are within the phase for Juan to make his initial stop.
[Phil Prew, Montoya's Race Engineer] – Um, OK. (changes channel) Juan, this is Phil. Execute stop on this lap. Confirm.
[Juan Pablo Montoya] – OK Phil.
[PP] (to RD) - He's coming in.
[PP] - Fisichella's coming in as well.
[RD] - We must ensure that Juan Pablo reacquires the track with locational advantage over the Renaults.
[PP] - Say again?
[RD] - Connect me to Juan's primary communication channel (brief click) Juan?
[PP] - Refuelling complete. He's clear of the box, pit lane speed limiter working.
[RD] - Juan, we've analysed the current perambulation of Alonso and there is a useful likelihood of your regaining the circuit with a suitably advantageous station.
[JPM] - What?
[RD] - Providing there is not an unforeseen augmentation to Alonso's rapidity, you ought to attain a positional benefit.
[JPM] What?
[RD] – If these optimum conditions prevail, your current point of locality will be obliged to performance of an upgrade to positioning plus.
[JPM] What? Ack - rafaga... (unintelligible noises and grunts)
[PP] He's off the track! He's off the track!
[JPM] - Dammit Ron! You confused me with Ronspeak™ and now I've run wide on the pit lane exit!
[RD] – What?
(crackle, leading to signal interrupt and white noise...)

[Phil Prew, Montoya's Race Engineer] – Button's hit the wall in the final corner!
[Ron Dennis, Team Principle] – Phil, what is the probability of a Safety Car deployment period?
[PP] - Uhhmm, Charlie (Whiting)'s having a look…
[RD] – Necessity stipulates that we ensure adequate provision for both drivers to entertain their secondary cessation.
[PP] – What?
[RD] – Please impart the most contemporary location data for Juan Pablo.
[PP] - What?
[RD] – I require immediate confirmation of Juan's current situational status.
[PP] – What?
[Mark Slade, Raikkonen's Race Engineer] – He wants to know where Juan is on the track.
[PP] – Why didn't he just…? (impatient noise) Fine. He's… dammit, he's just passed the pit entrance – and the Safety Car's out!
[RD] – Unfortunate. Juan Pablo will now have to undertake an additional perambulation of the circuit's full perimeter.
[PP] - What?
[RD] (turning) Mark, please make Kimi aware of the immediate expectations of his secondary stipulated cessation.
[MS] What?

Dan ini pitstop kedua, lap 49:

[PP] – Montoya's in the pit lane now. Blast it, we've really screwed this up.
[RD] – Negative. Juan's predilection for swift actionable motion should still result in McLaren finishing first and second (to himself) just with Kimi leading across the line… (louder) please reconnect me to Juan's foremost channel.
[PP] – What? After last time? I don't think…
(feed cuts off with a channel changing `click')
[RD] – Juan, you are required to egress your pit-box with all alacrity.
[Juan Pablo Montoya] - What?
[RD] – It is essential that you re-attain the track at a velocity measurable with your contemporaries.
[JPM] - What?
[RD] – I suggest that a rapier-like momentum be employed without tardiness.
[JPM] - What?
(sounds of a scuffle)
[PP] – Go Juan, go!
(more scuffling noises, coupled with what sounds like somebody shouting about a light)
[RD] – Juan, you must not tolerate any supplementary vacillation to your positional endeavouring.
[JPM] - What?
[PP] – The Safety Car! The pit lane red light was on!
[JPM] - Dammit Ron! You confused me with Ronspeak™ and now I've jumped the red light and nearly taken out Coulthard!
[RD] – Only nearly?

(dapet ngutip dari milis F1Indonesia)

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“radio log”