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quote of the day

Dark and difficult times lie ahead, Harry. Soon we must all face the choice between what is right... and what is easy.
--Albus Dumbledore.


“quote of the day”

  1. Blogger Achillia Shmiley Says:

    Heppie New Yelsss ya Mi... ;)

  2. Anonymous iks Says:

    klo aku pilih yang what is right and easy plus high benefit :P

    met taun baru mii...eh gak januari gak nonton ke sentul tah mih?

  3. Anonymous 'ka Says:

    happy new year!!!

  4. Blogger Apink a.k.a. Bubbzy Says:

    i chose the difficult
    but i hope it is the right thing to do
    it'll be hard and difficult and painful
    but i will try

    *lagi nulis puisi nih, mi*

  5. Anonymous bril Says:

    hiks, knpa dumbledore harus mati dulu...hiks

    eh mi, salam buat pak edi dong. dia yg nguji aku dulu. duh, jd inget masa kegelapan itu...:(

  6. Anonymous Ojek Sepeda Says:

    pls bantu terjemahin ukoro dikit ...

  7. Blogger iebud Says:

    ahh kepokoknya mah happy new year!!! ^^, kemana aja fahmi... ^^

  8. Blogger santie Says:

    sama gak dengan ini:"If God brings you to it, God will bring you through it" ;)

  9. Blogger Luigi Says:

    Thing that are easy are a large possibility of them are either illegal or the likes.. tapi gak semua kok, just get the easier stuff first the right way.. :D

  10. Blogger yoan Says:

    setuju ma mas luigi....kekekke...just get the easier first then the right way, tp klo ga ketemu yg mudah n bener gimana??? *halah*