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A1GP Indonesia

i think to date this is the Best grand prix ever in a1 history! the grandstands were packed with spectators, the event was well organized, and no terrorist threats hehehhh. big applause to mr. tinton soeprapto and his team!

sentul international circuit

sentUl is an 11-Turn clockwise circuit that is 3.965 km in length. having a very wide track and long straights, sentUl is typically a High speed circuit with various racing lines and a lot of overtaking maneuvre opportunities. those facts however fail to prevent sentul to become an easy one to master. 4 or 5 laps around the tracK should be enough for A racer to understand the layout and calculate braking points.

sprint race

default Strategies for sprint race are : bring the car safely Into finisH line, avoid collision, and Score points if possible. but this is A home race for ananda mikola, he had to show a good race for all supporters on the grandstands, for the people of indonesia, for everYone. qualified 17th on the grid, he managed to jump up to p11 in only one lap. nice.

And as predicted, the french Nicolas lapierre won the race.
(oh how i wish to see michael schumacher drives a German car hehehe)

feature race

actioN packed race, full of drama, busy pit activities, three safety car appearances, and rain fall on the hill nExt to the circuit. i can't recall how many overtaking maneuvres happened on this racE, how many brake locks, how many skid marks on track, how many cars on gravel, and how many contacts between cars. put it plain and simple : it was full of drama.

unfortunately, it was a bad bad baD first lap for ananda mikola and supporTers Of indonesia. collision with hayanari shimoda of japan sent mikola's car on to gravel. frozen on the gravel, i thought mikola had lost his engine, stalled. Boy... i thought that was it, the End, period. but hey, mikoLa brought the car back On racing line. running at p21 was bad, but bad luck was not oVer yet. ananda mikola had another contact with alex yoong of malaysia, spun.

all and all, it was sean mcintosh' show! the canadian started last on the grid, was given a Drive-through penalty, but finished first! thanks to his team director, it was surely a brilliant decision to send mcintosh to pit early.

it certainly wasn't an easy victory but it sure feels good
--sean mcintosh

(images from crash.net)

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“A1GP Indonesia”

  1. Blogger blossom Says:

    sory mi pas kmu sms tuh aku udah tepar jdnya lewat dech

  2. Blogger desigNani Says:

    wah...benar-benar lagi demam balap yah mi?? *gw kagak ngerti apa2..kecuali ananda mikola yang cakep..heuehuee*

  3. Anonymous bahtiar Says:

    wah boso enggres ... :)

  4. Blogger Sisca Says:

    Mas Fahmi, dari buku, tabrak lari..kembali ke habitat asli..BALAP !!!

  5. Anonymous iks Says:

    baru kali ini penonton ampe padat banget sampe Presiden bela-belain mbonceng motor !!

    heh, untung aja stelah kejadian ma jepang nanda balik lagi , kalo engga betapa kecewanya kami para penonton.

  6. Blogger dinda Says:

    setelah nonton live A1 gitu baru gw 'ngeh' cara balap A1 vs F1, driving style pembalap A1 cenderung tanpa perhitungan......

  7. Blogger Ling Says:

    wah, aku liat beritanya aja sih, katanya rame banget ya, baguslah semua berjalan lancar.

  8. Anonymous hantu Says:

    wakakakak LOL
    separah itukah?
    makanya cari pacar dong :p

  9. Blogger mimimama Says:

    nda: bukannya tanpa perhitungan, tapi mesin A1 punya vibrasi jauh lebih gede daripada F1. mobil A1 punya powerboost. n selain itu desain aerodinamika A1 juga nggak semahal F1, masih banyak drag dari depan, turbulens di belakang n angin2 kotor di sekitar mobil A1. jadi harap maklum kalo mobil A1 jadi "liar" dan sulit dikendalikan. jos verstappen (belanda) n alex yoong (malaysia) kan pernah nyetir F1 juga.