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The DHA Baby

Professor Hawking, I strongly believe that Aristotelian and Copernicus theories on the cosmos are absolutely incorrect. Earth is not the centre of the galaxy, neither is the sun. Venus is the centre of the cosmos, I will say. It is also the centre of the universe. It is the mars that revolves around venus in its orbit. Thank you.


“The DHA Baby”

  1. Anonymous nananias Says:

    aye ya ya ya ya, i myself think it that way too girl, but that won't sound too intellect don't you think? i need to impress some intellectuals who seems unable to attract anyone from the venus :p

  2. Blogger mita Says:

    it's not fare...


  3. Blogger Nieke,, Says:

    du du duwww..
    ndak mudheng..
    ngebacanya pas jam dua dini hari gini..

  4. Blogger DenaDena Says:

    hahahahahaha (padahal gak mudheng :P)

  5. Blogger -FM- Says:

    yeah, of course. because when the big bang happened, venus was the one that got that bang. it made good reason as the center of the cosmos, i guess. :p

  6. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    -fm-: "when the big bang happened"
    a-ha, this is interesting :D
    it was all singularity, no space, nor time.
    'time' exists after the bang.
    so, when did the big bang happened? :D

    fahmi: sometimes it needs a great deal of gravity to attract massive martian to fall from its orbit.


  7. Anonymous diditjogja Says:

    Venus is the centre of the cosmos, I will say. It is also the centre of the universe.

    pusat pandangan dan perhatian iya...pusat universe?

    ah, joke mulu neh...

  8. Anonymous ndutyke Says:

    yah, pokoknya venus adalah pusat dari tata surya...

  9. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    terima kasih untuk artikelnya. pas banget untuk bahan kuliah saya.

    oia, jangan lupa mampir ke sini ya...