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unusual suspects

why do mathematicians think halloween and christmas are the same? because 31 oct = 25 dec.
the police rounded up jim, bud and sam yesterday, because one of them was suspected of having robbed the local bank. the three suspects made the following statements under intensive questioning.

jim: i'm innocent.
bud: i'm innocent.
sam: bud is the guilty one.

if only one of these statements turns out to be true, who robbed the bank?


“unusual suspects”

  1. Anonymous de Says:

    it must be you eh bud, eh jim halah mbuh

  2. Anonymous mina Says:

    apakah robber nya lebih dari satu?

  3. Blogger Rey Says:

    YOU...!!! :p

  4. Anonymous Adityo Ananta Says:

    if sam's statement is true, then jim's statement also true --> so it's invalid
    so bud is innocent, and the culprit is jim
    the question is, why sam is lying :p ?

  5. Anonymous Anonymous Says: