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the fork in the road

there's a fork in the road to heaven, where one way leads to hell. at this fork in the road, two twin brothers live who are exactly alike, except that one always tells the truth and the other one always lies. what single question can you ask one of them to find the way to heaven?

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“the fork in the road”

  1. Blogger Rey Says:

    hore pertama..!!

    knp sih... suka banget pake bhs inggris??

    sik... sik... yo tak pikir sik...

  2. Blogger DenaDena Says:

    mbooohhh (lagi stressssss)

  3. Blogger heRRu Says:

    iki ngomongin garpu apa ngomongin jalan? ora mudheng mi, maap ya

  4. Blogger imgar Says:

    postingnya bahasa inggris..
    komennya bahasa jawa..
    :D *walah..*

  5. Blogger Si Jagoan Makan Says:

    I know what u did last summer !

    *aku iso'e bahasa inggris mung ngapali judule pilem.

  6. Anonymous mina Says:

    teka teki kuno ;p

  7. Blogger GuM Says:

    ask to any of them,

    "please ask your brother, which way that leads to heaven?"

    then you simply do the opposite way :)

    salam kenal ^^