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ten years time

time splits

where you gonna be in ten years time?
will you be happy with the way you've been living your life?
will you be alright?
and when you're looking back to now
all the years gone by
will there be something that you say
that you should have done right
in your life

what would you fight for?
for what do you stand?
how will you go about it?
and do you have a masterplan?

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“ten years time”

  1. Anonymous de Says:

    I have a dream,
    a song to sing
    To help me cope with anything

  2. Blogger Rey Says:

    if you see the wonder...
    of a fairy tale
    you can take the future
    even if you fail.
    I believe in angels
    something good in everything i see
    I believe in angels
    when i know the time is right for me
    i'll cross the stream
    i have a dream...

  3. Blogger Harrie Says:

    Alamak...lama kali menunggu 10 Tahun.
    Kalau awak hendak menghitung diri.
    Lakukan sekarang saja.
    Jangan menunggu esok atau 10 tahun lagi.
    Kalo hari ini, lebih baik dari kemarin, ya good lah.
    Kalo hari ini, sama dengan kemarin, ya rugi lah.
    Kalo hari ini, lebih buruk dari kemarin, ya...ke laut aza, cari inspirasi baru.