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mclaren radio communication

(sumber: milis F1Indonesia)

These F1 teams are getting sneakier and sneakier when it comes to protecting their pit-to-car radio transmissions. Fortunately for me, my old friend Klaus Schaufterpanten just happens to be a genius at encryption algorithms. He was also at Hockenheim this weekend, armed with a radio, cassette recorder and a 12-pack of `Doppel-Blitzkrieg' lager.

Thanks to his efforts, I now have transcripts of the inter-team radio chatter and banter for the whole weekend – from Team McLaren Mercedes. The first segment I feel obliged to share occurred on Saturday, towards the end of the qualifying session:

Crackle, background noise...

[Ron Dennis, Team Principle] – Phil, status?
[Phil Prew, Montoya's Race Engineer] – Juan's just coming into the stadium now, at the end of his out-lap.
[RD] – Excellent. Inform him to sustain his progressional circuitary tour and to prepare for the expectation of an upper-tertiary achievement.
[PP] – What?
[RD] (ignoring him) - Mark, please bestow the contemporary delineation of qualifying standings as of this moment in time.
[Mark Slade, Raikkonen's Race Engineer] – Uhmm, what?
[PP] – Juan Pablo's on his qually lap!
[RD] – Never mind Mark, I have located it.
[MS] (quietly) – Whatever…
[PP] – Sector 1's good!
[RD] – Phil, please corroborate that Juan Pablo's time will certify a dual principal positioning upon the grid?
[PP] – What?
[RD] – I am merely articulating my preference for a McLaren to be positioned in both the Primary and Secondary locations at the forefront of the field for the race.
[PP] – Then why didn't you just say so?
[RD] – Hmm. Perhaps I should converse directly with Juan Pablo.
[PP] – Hey, no – we talked about this…

(feed interrupt with a channel change `click')

[RD] – Juan Pablo, you are in communication with Ron Dennis. Status update required without vacillation.
[Juan Pablo Montoya] – What?
[RD] – I am obligated to insist upon a locational description forthwith.
[JPM] – What?
[RD] (sighing) – Juan Pablo, it is a vocational prerequisite that you consign, upon specific application from myself, information a propos to your locality promptly and succinctly.
[JPM] – What? Oh, mother-
[PP] – No! He's lost the back of the car… He's off! He's in the wall; final turn!
[JPM] – Dammit Ron! You confused me with Ronspeak™ and now I'm gonna have to start from the back of the grid!
[RD] – What?
[JPM] – And I think I broke a nail...

(crackle, signal interrupt)

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“mclaren radio communication”

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    MI... kamu doyan acara nonton bareng F1 juga ?

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