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puff the magic dragon

dragon is a mythical animal. dragon's appearance is described as having the trunk of a snake, the scales of a carp, the tail of a whale, the antlers of a stag, the face of a camel, the talons of eagles, the ears of a bull, the feet of a tiger, and the eyes of a lobster. bla bla blah... but hey, i found a funny article about dragon's toes on the wiki:

The Chinese dragons have five toes on each foot, Indonesian or Korean dragons have four, and the Japanese dragons have three. To explain this phenomenon, Chinese legend states that all Imperial dragons originated in China, and the further away from China a dragon went the fewer toes it had. Dragons only exist in China, Korea, Indonesia, and Japan because if they traveled further they would have no toes to continue.

hehehehhh... dragons travel on foot, eh? i thought dragons are capable of taking flight :D


“puff the magic dragon”

  1. Blogger Anang Says:

    keren gambarnya.. ada ga sih hewan naga itu sebenarnya? apa cuma mitos aja ya.. hehe

  2. Anonymous fahmi! Says:

    oh boy :D i'm not gonna bother myself trying to make you understand the very first sentence.

  3. Anonymous Hedi Says:

    Travel on foot? Yeah, sure, if it was a cripple one which has no wings hehehe

  4. Anonymous iks Says:

    film dragon favorit kamuh apaan…Dragonheart yo!

  5. Anonymous Fany Says:


    kenapa belakangan posting foto terus..
    hmm boleh juga nih kalo gak ada ide mo mosting apa :D

  6. Blogger mit@ Says:

    teteup.. ispirasi kearah
    mandarin oriental..
    he he he..
    yo ntik nek dapet hp lagi
    gw kasi lo dah.. :)
    doain ya dapet doorprice lagiwh

    gimans dah kelar bnerin notebook mu?

  7. Anonymous nia Says:

    buah naga itu kok cemplang yo? :p

  8. Anonymous ewepe Says:

    sangar abis..commentnya mulai dari eksistensi naga sampai buah naga hehehehe...

    Kalo aku sih lihat gambar keren ini cuman kepikiran satu hal:
    DRAGON BALL!!! hihihihi

  9. Anonymous aVank Says:

    that's a good angle

  10. Blogger Si Jagoan Makan Says:

    naga-naganya makan naga sari enak neh! lho ?!

  11. Blogger sebelas Says:

    naga memang tak bertulang ...

  12. Blogger Ronn Says:

    In addition, while Asian dragons mostly described similar to snakes (physically), European dragon are more look like lizards or komodos, and they have wings and breath of fire.

    And I believe that Puff the Magic Dragon who lived by the sea
    and frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Honali
    (singing mode: on) is the one who has wings, hehe


  13. Anonymous Kampret Nyasar Says:

    Nicely shot!
    By the way, what is the explaination of "Bau Naga" ? :)

  14. Blogger T A T A R I Says:

    naga tuh kayak gitu yah??
    mmmmmm....seperti cacing raksasa