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Sunday, July 31, 2005 by Eddy Fahmi

pagi ini ikut nganter jenazah omku ke makam,
jadi inget masih punya banyak dosa :(


book baton

Friday, July 29, 2005 by Eddy Fahmi

andryshuzain n nananias tagged me with this book baton. hmmm i sense curiosity about the books i read hehehhh... i read vast range of books, from books about computer, history, math riddle, ebook up to popular science. and yes i read kiyosaki too :p not a big fan of kiyosaki but i read it anyway hehehhh ...---...

total number of books owned
uhmmm hundreds, i can't recall hehehehhh... didn't catalog my books like andry :D hey that's a good tip buddy, thx a lot. the bad news is: many are borrowed but never returned. their status are now unknown :( including but not limited to stephen hawking's a brief history of time :( so sad... that's a great book you know! good as gold. a book you must read, buy, borrow, copy, steal if you have to.

latest books i bought (on impulse)
- if you want to write, brenda ueland
- muhammad, a biography of the prophet, karen armstrong
- kekeliruan teori big bang ditinjau dari kosmologi al-quran, mudjoni abdullah n siswayudi azhari
- jangan mau seumur hidup jadi orang gajian, valentino dinsi
- nabung receh kebeli monas, lie charlie
- jomblo, adhitya mulya.
- marketing yourself, hermawan kartajaya
- berbisnis dengan hati, kh abdullah gymnastiar n hermawan kartajaya

current reading list
- if you want to write
- kekeliruan teori big bang ditinjau dari kosmologi al-quran
- jangan mau seumur hidup jadi orang gajian
- jomblo, yes jomblo is quite funny, but not THAT funny.
- blink, malcolm gladwell

five books that mean a lot to me
- oxford learner's pocket dictionary! can't live without it :D small and handy, not so big for a dictionary. special special thanks to mrs. lubna algadrie who taught me to use this magic.
- a brief history of time, stephen hawking. I WANT THIS BOOK BACK!
- a mathematical pandora's box, brian bolt. oh riddles and mysteries never fail to excite me :D
- berbisnis dengan hati, kh abdullah gymnastiar n hermawan kartajaya. a proof that new marketing principles were written in al-quran (and hadist) long long time ago.
- how to win friends and influence people, dale carnegie. the book nerds should read.
- thick face bla... sorry, just five?

now, who should i pass this baton to?
- kere kemplu, as curious as andry n nana :D
- daffodilsky, hey there... how ya doin' dilsky?
- gita, you wrote about movies, now let's talk about books
- imey, not only karen armstrong right?
- hantu, expecting a miracle that you would update the blog hihihi
.... . .-.. .--.


Thursday, July 28, 2005 by Eddy Fahmi

orang bilang, ngebut itu berbahaya.
padahal orang nggak tau yg ngebut itu sapa
buruh pabrik, pegaWai pemkot, doni tata, ato rifat sungkar?
orang juga nggak tau motivasi ngebut itu apa
ngetes mesin? telat? kebelet pipis?
ato punya prinsip time is money?


beberapa Hari yg lalu, pulang ngantor,
di jalan liat ada orang nulis sms,
sambil naEk motor!

wow, great stunt :D

posisinya nanggung pula,
minggiR Enggak, nengah enggak.
Asli... pingin tak dempet,
trus tak jejek ae pisan.
ben ndlosoR, kapok... :p

dasar okb, sok pakE henfon kinclong.
disaut jambret kapok kon.

ah, jalanan surabaYa sudah cukup ruwet.
kalO ditambah satU lagi accident gara2
ada motor ndlosor karena dijejek...

wes nggak jadi wes, sakno :D

lha Iya, orang NElpon sambil nyEtir mobil aja
Dibela2in pake handsfree/bluetooth
biar tangan tetep megang setir,
lha ini kok ada yg sms-an sambil naik motor?
who do you think YOU are? mick doohan?

you guys call me dangerous? ha?


hihihiikkk sakjane aku dewe yo nggak maen,
isok'e cuman ngomel2 ndek blog :p
wes mbuh kah.


by Eddy Fahmi

pernah doyan maen counter strike?

lagi nggak ada kerjaan?

black hole

by Eddy Fahmi

black hole itu selalu menarik
the great attractor
banyak ilmuwan dibikin penasaran
einstein, chandrasekhar, carl sagan,
stephen hawking, jean luc picard? heheheee
ah, tapi sampek sekarang juga masih belom ada
teori ato formula yg bisa njelaskan secara memuaskan

kalo besok bener ada ilmuwan yg berhasil nemu
theory of everything superstring
apa kira2 bakal bener bisa njelaskan everything ya?
listrik, magnet, gravitasi, ekonomi, yahudi, psikologi, cinta?

hihihi banyak orang pingin tau black hole
pingin liat dari deket, bahkan pingin mengalami
but hey ati ati

once you crossed event horizon,
there's no way you can escape!

aahhh ...---...

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selamat pagi!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005 by Eddy Fahmi

bangun tidur, ngecek imel, ngecek rss... o tidak!

bangun pagi, minum air putih, nggenjot sepeda!
yap yap yap let's go olah raga, biar badan sehat :D
(dan nggak semaput lagi pas waktunya donor darah)

berhenti merokok, jauhi alkohol dan narkoba, gunakan bahan bakar bebas timbal :)


mclaren radio communication

Tuesday, July 26, 2005 by Eddy Fahmi

(sumber: milis F1Indonesia)

These F1 teams are getting sneakier and sneakier when it comes to protecting their pit-to-car radio transmissions. Fortunately for me, my old friend Klaus Schaufterpanten just happens to be a genius at encryption algorithms. He was also at Hockenheim this weekend, armed with a radio, cassette recorder and a 12-pack of `Doppel-Blitzkrieg' lager.

Thanks to his efforts, I now have transcripts of the inter-team radio chatter and banter for the whole weekend – from Team McLaren Mercedes. The first segment I feel obliged to share occurred on Saturday, towards the end of the qualifying session:

Crackle, background noise...

[Ron Dennis, Team Principle] – Phil, status?
[Phil Prew, Montoya's Race Engineer] – Juan's just coming into the stadium now, at the end of his out-lap.
[RD] – Excellent. Inform him to sustain his progressional circuitary tour and to prepare for the expectation of an upper-tertiary achievement.
[PP] – What?
[RD] (ignoring him) - Mark, please bestow the contemporary delineation of qualifying standings as of this moment in time.
[Mark Slade, Raikkonen's Race Engineer] – Uhmm, what?
[PP] – Juan Pablo's on his qually lap!
[RD] – Never mind Mark, I have located it.
[MS] (quietly) – Whatever…
[PP] – Sector 1's good!
[RD] – Phil, please corroborate that Juan Pablo's time will certify a dual principal positioning upon the grid?
[PP] – What?
[RD] – I am merely articulating my preference for a McLaren to be positioned in both the Primary and Secondary locations at the forefront of the field for the race.
[PP] – Then why didn't you just say so?
[RD] – Hmm. Perhaps I should converse directly with Juan Pablo.
[PP] – Hey, no – we talked about this…

(feed interrupt with a channel change `click')

[RD] – Juan Pablo, you are in communication with Ron Dennis. Status update required without vacillation.
[Juan Pablo Montoya] – What?
[RD] – I am obligated to insist upon a locational description forthwith.
[JPM] – What?
[RD] (sighing) – Juan Pablo, it is a vocational prerequisite that you consign, upon specific application from myself, information a propos to your locality promptly and succinctly.
[JPM] – What? Oh, mother-
[PP] – No! He's lost the back of the car… He's off! He's in the wall; final turn!
[JPM] – Dammit Ron! You confused me with Ronspeak™ and now I'm gonna have to start from the back of the grid!
[RD] – What?
[JPM] – And I think I broke a nail...

(crackle, signal interrupt)

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the nearness of you

Monday, July 25, 2005 by Eddy Fahmi

It's not the pale moon that excites me
that thrills and delights me, oh no
it's just the nearness oF you

it isn't your sweet conversation
that brings this sensation, oh no
it's just the nearness of you

when you're in my arms and i feel you so close to mE
all my wildest dreams come truE

i need no soft Lights to enchant me
but if you'll only grant me the right
to hold you ever so tight
and to feeL in the night Ooh the nearness of you

when you're in my arms and i feel you so close to me
all my wildest dreams come true

i need No soft lights to Enchant me
but if you'll only grant me the right
to hold you ever so tight
and to feeL in the night the nearness of You


yes yes rod stewart :D
doyan denger rod stewart?
hehehe suaranya sexy nggak tu?
whatever lah... pokoknya cihuy buat temen melek hehehe


quote of the day

by Eddy Fahmi

You're only as strong as your weakest link.
--Ron Dennis, McLaren Mercedes, Hockenheim-ring 2005.


light travels faster than sound

Sunday, July 24, 2005 by Eddy Fahmi

that is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak... :p


malem minggu

by Eddy Fahmi


basuki rahmat itu waahhh... nggarai misuh misuh ae.

ceritanya sabtu 16 juli 2005 kemaren ada tamu spesial dari jakarta, sang kere kemplu. abis kita keluyuran hunting sego bebek, beliau saya anter balik ke hotel. nah dlm perjalanan dari hotel itu ada pemandangan yg menarik.

di antara mas2 dan mbak2 yg asik goncengan naek motor nyelempit2 diantara spion, ada minibus yg ditumpangi anak2 kecil, penuh sesak. kayaknya sengaja dicarter. mereka pake seragam (mungkin dari sekolahan, pesantren ato panti asuhan, nggak tau). mukanya lucu2, keliatan 'wow' sekali ngeliati gemerlap kota surabaya. basuki rahmat yg buat saya mbencekno ternyata jadi sangat indah buat mereka. kalo saya pinginnya cepet2 lolos dari traffic setan macem gitu, kalo mereka mungkin justru pingin berlama2 ya?

city tour? surabaya? waw nggak kepikiran kalo ternyata lalu lintas macet kayak gitu bisa jadi obyek wisata kikikikik :D


Grosser Mobil 1 Preis von Deutschland 2005

Saturday, July 23, 2005 by Eddy Fahmi

itu nama resmi event balap formula one di jerman tahun ini.


panjang lintasan: 4,574 km
jumlah lap: 67 (306, 458 km)
lap record: 1'13.780, kimi raikkonen, mclaren, 2004.

ada peristiwa bersejarah disini, tahun 2000, emotional victory for rubens barrichello! di kontraknya dia memang cuman pembalap nomer 2 ferrari, tapi di race itu dia menang. start dari grid 18. yg mungkin banyak dilupakan orang: kemenangan itu hasil keputusan brilian dia untuk bertahan pake ban kering waktu pembalap lain ganti intermediate. di race itu juga ada cerita mantan karyawan mercedes yg dipecat, stres (mungkin gila), turun ke lintasan balap, demo, sempat ngganggu race beberapa lap heheheh.

prakiraan cuaca

potensi terjadi hujan waktu race = 70%. kalo bener hujan, mungkin ferrari n schumacher bisa nyolong podium. tapi biasanya hockenheim-ring ini mesti panas, cenderung lebih panas dibanding trek balap eropa lainnya. waktu kejadian ganti ban intermediate tahun 2000 kemaren juga sebenernya permukaan lintasan cuman basah di sektor2 tertentu aja. kalo panas, kita bakal liat 'bilstered tyres' perhatikan ban belakang mobil toyota n renault besok. prediksi temperatur udara = 21 derajat celcius.

set up

permukaan aspal halus. pilihan ban = medium to softer compound. tapi walopun halus, trek ini ngasih stres tinggi buat ban belakang waktu akselerasi. ban belakang bakal kerja keras tiap kali keluar dari tikungan. untuk setelan sayapnya, hockenheim-ring baru = medium downforce. sebenernya lebih seru hockenheim-ring lama yg masuk ke hutan pinus itu. disono ada ostkurve, ada jim clark chicane. tau kenapa dinamakan jim clark chicane? wooo sejarahnya menarik. sayang, hermann tilke motong lintasan itu, nggak ada lagi tempat drag, adu mesin. trek ini juga butuh setelan suspensi yg ceper, lintasannya nggak bergelombang kayak sao paulo, brasil. ride height = lebih rendah lebih baik.


jarno trulli (yg konon spesialis kualifikasi) dapet posisi start 9. nice. dg begitu dia nggak bakal jadi masalah buat pembalap2 papan atas (yg memang bener cepet di race). nggak ada lagi cerita 'mobile chicane' kikikikik... but hey, that's not the best part yet. juan pablo montoya hahahahaaa hari sabtu kemaren heheheeee gahar di intermediate 1 bwahahahaaa di intermediate 2 sangar kikikikik di intermediate 3 nggak keliatan ada masalah jiakakakakakkk di tikungan terakhir... spun!

what the fuck was that monty? a problem with the wing set up? traction control? brake bias? tyre pressure? or Ronspeakā„¢? whatever... boy, that was hilarious! maybe you should just drive a jordan instead of mclaren. harusnya mclaren itu pake felippe massa buat team mate-nya kimi raikkonen. n kalo misalnya paket mobil jordan yg handlingnya super nervous itu disupiri juan pablo montoya n takuma sato... wooo formula one pasti jadi jauh lebih seru!

hey ron, friesacher is now available if you need to replace the colombian clown.


kita nonton bareng hari minggu besok...
(abis gitu, langsung lanjut motogp di inggris raya)

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Friday, July 22, 2005 by Eddy Fahmi

snafu! untuk sementara look-nya kayak gini dulu deh hehehe

by Eddy Fahmi

3 a.m.
it is always too late
and too early
to do anything



Thursday, July 21, 2005 by Eddy Fahmi

pingin dolen nang malang maneh
kikikikikkk kangen bakso kota :D
opo maneh tonggo sebelah'e iku... hot cui mie!
wooo... jus kelengkeng'e die die must try!

halah... tapi saiki tanggal tuwek :(
wes tak turu ae, be'e mimpi ketemu cak man hehehe


funny vocab

by Eddy Fahmi

di toko aksesoris motor:
"mbak, ada pilot jet kitaco 38?"
"sama main jet-nya yg 85 sekalian..."
"sek ya mas"
(buka buka katalog)
(mikir sebentar)

"itu lho mbak, spuyer angin 38, sama spuyer bensin 85"
"oalaaahhh... nggak ket mau mas :p"

hehehe kosakata per-bingkil-an indonesia kadang kok suka nggak masuk akal ya? mekanik lebih familiar istilah seker daripada piston, crank-case dibilang kalter, sprocket itu gir, etc... jadi susah kalo mbaca buku teknik (terutama buku import) trus ngobrol2nya sama mekanik lokal, wuehhh... nggak nyambung blas.

kalo mekaniknya komputer masih lumayan, mereka nggak pernah nyebut cakram kompak, tikus, ato papan ibu hehehe... n perasaan programmer indonesia juga nggak ada yg pake istilah larik ato senarai (padahal itu istilah baku lho di kamus purwadarminta).


asuransi, kapan butuh asuransi?

Wednesday, July 20, 2005 by Eddy Fahmi

kalian pernah dapet tawaran2 asuransi jiwa? or at least pernah mbaca artikel2 tentang itu di koran, website, milis, etc...

pernah merhatikan nggak saran timing beli asuransinya kapan?

dlm artikel2 itu para pakar finansial biasanya nulis bahwa orang butuh asuransi jiwa kalo dia sudah berkeluarga, punya tanggung jawab thd istri n anak2nya. kenapa? karena orang tsb sudah jadi sumber penghidupan (secara finansial) bagi keluarganya. seandainya kejadian orang tsb meninggal / berhalangan tetap, nggak bisa lagi nyari duit buat makan = keluarganya kolaps. beda dg yg masih single, belom punya tanggungan apa2. asuransi jiwa hukumnya sekedar sunnah. kalo punya ya bagus, kalo belom punya ya nggak masalah.

teori macem gitu betul, make sense. tapi kenyataannya di lapangan nggak kayak gitu. untuk perlindungan yg sama, harga premi asuransi jiwa lebih mahal buat mereka yg lebih tua. sama seperti tanah/rumah, kalo nggak segera dibeli, besok nggak mampu beli.

lebih parah lagi, mereka yg udah merit mestinya lebih repot lagi ngurus anggaran belanja. buat beli susu anaknya berapa? buat biaya sekolah? biaya nyicil rumah? biaya operasional kendaraan? biaya dan lain lain... (mbuh aku durung kawin). masih punya spare berapa buat nyicil polis asuransi? fyi: asuransi jiwa ini kontrak serius lho, jangka panjang, puluhan juta rupiah (mungkin lebih).

kalo mimi pikir, justru mereka yg barusan kerja, masih belom punya banyak anggaran belanja, segera ngatur duitnya buat urusan asuransi. lebih bagus lagi kalo cicilan premi bisa udah lunas sebelum merit.

bisik bisik... asuransi jiwa ini jarang ditawarkan ke mereka2 orang kantoran yg masih muda. alasanya, penghasilan mereka belom seberapa gede, asuransi jiwa masih terlalu mahal (padahal mbayar preminya bisa nyicil). apalagi mereka masih muda, kontraknya mesti lebih murah. buat orang2 kantoran gini yg banyak ditawarkan justru asuransi kesehatan, kecelakaan, kendaraan, dan sebangsanya... jangan ngiler, mending beli asuransi jiwa aja, perlindungan lain lain itu nanti cukup dijadikan rider aja.

saran: kamu2 yg udah berpenghasilan, segera ngurus asuransi jiwa. investasi bagus ini, buat celengan jangka panjang. kalo bisa jangan sampek kejadian besok di-bogog-i agen asuransi dg nilai kontrak mahal gara2 usia udah hampir kadaluarsa.



Tuesday, July 19, 2005 by Eddy Fahmi

Dube: Aah, that is a fine cigar, sir!
Paul Rusesabagina: This is a Cohiba cigar. Each one is worth 10,000 francs.
Dube: 10,000 francs?
Paul Rusesabagina: Yes, yes. But it is worth more to me than 10,000 francs.
Dube: What do you mean, sir?
Paul Rusesabagina: If I give a businessman 10,000 francs, what does that matter to him? He is rich. But, if I give him a Cohiba cigar straight from Havana, Cuba. Hey, that is style, Dube.

(dapet ngutip dari hotel rwanda)

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nggak penting

Monday, July 18, 2005 by Eddy Fahmi

You Are an Espresso

At your best, you are: straight shooting, ambitious, and energetic

At your worst, you are: anxious and high strung

You drink coffee when: anytime you're not sleeping

Your caffeine addiction level: high

wahahahaaa... LOL!

Saturday, July 16, 2005 by Eddy Fahmi

hehehe... file ini lumayan buat disetel tengah malem (sambil meratapi nasib) ...oalah, sick! :p


Thursday, July 14, 2005 by Eddy Fahmi

"On an airplane not long ago, I overheard the following conversation:

'What business are you in?'
'Engineer. You?'
'I'm an account executive in ad agency.'
'You write the ads?'
'No, copywriters do that.'
'That must be a fun job.'
'It's not easy. We do a lot of research.'
'You do the research?'
'No, we have research people for that.'
'Do you bring in the new clients?'
'That's not my job.'
'Forgive me, but what is your job?'
'You do the marketing for the clients?'
'No, they do it themselves.'
'Are you in management?'
'No, but I soon will be.'"

--David Ogilvy, Ogilvy On Advertising.


tidak mendidik

by Eddy Fahmi

(click to enlarge)

dapet pic dari milis suzuki-2wheels.


Wednesday, July 13, 2005 by Eddy Fahmi

somewhere out there
beneath THE pale moonlight
someone's thinking of me
and loving me tonight

someWhere out there
someone's saying A prayer
that we'LL find one another
in that big Somewhere out tHere

And even though i know how Very far apart we arE
it helps to think we might be wishing on thE same bright star
And when the night wind starts to sing a lonesome lullaby
it helps to think we're sleeping underneath the same big sky

somewhere out there
if love can see us through
then we'll be togetheR
Somewhere out there
out where dreams
come true...


flash player 8 beta is out

Tuesday, July 12, 2005 by Eddy Fahmi


so what?


by Eddy Fahmi

Goooooooood morning, Vietnam!
--Adrian Cronauer

oh wheww... i really need some sleep :(

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Monday, July 11, 2005 by Eddy Fahmi


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Sunday, July 10, 2005 by Eddy Fahmi

hari sabtu kemaren nongkrong di bengkel, servis rutin n sekalian mau mbenerin lampu belakang yg suka goyang.

nah yg menarik, di bengkel yg biasanya cuman dihuni mekanik2 kemproh dg overall belepotan oli ternyata ada mbak mbak manis senyam senyum cengar cengir nggak jelas. wuehhh... nggak biasanya makhluk alus macem gini nongkrong di bengkel. ternyata eh ternyata si embak itu adalah sales representatif dari salah satu merek oli (sebut aja oli BMW). waktu itu si embak lagi tugas mendemokan kesaktian oli gacoannya secara live, diadu langsung dg oli artis (sebut aja oli top gun). untuk mendukung demo ini, dia punya semacam mesin pengukur friksi antar logam.

demo. pertama dia pake oli artis di mesinnya. beban pd logam dinaikkan pelan pelan... sampek di posisi 250 (entah skala apa) tu logam bunyi crriiiiiiiitttttt!!!! stres pd logam udah sampek di batas toleransinya. berikutnya dia pake oli dagangannya. kali ini bunyi crit-nya baru kedengeran di posisi 450. wow... itu artinya oli dia punya kualitas hampir 2 kali lebih mulia dibanding oli artis. mampu melindungi permukaan mesin lebih baik, lebih licin, bikin mesin lebih adem n lebih panjang umur.

nah kesempatan demo berikutnya, ada bapak bapak yg lagi servis di bengkel itu juga, tapi mbawa oli sendiri. oli produksi BUMN, sebut aja mereknya mesra. testing pake mesin yg sama, prosedur yg sama, ternyata... hasil yg sama juga. oli mesra cuman dapet skor 250 di mesinnya mbak itu. si BMW dapet 450 lagi.

sambil nunggu giliran servis, iseng njajal oli yg mimi bawa di mesin itu. ini oli keren, import dari sepanyol, oli yg dipake nicky hayden n max biaggi di motogp, oli yg dulu pernah nyeponsori motor2 juaranya valentino rossi n mick doohan. bukan oli murahan jack! guess what... oli juara ini ternyata juga dapet skor 250. olinya mbak itu tetep konsisten di 450. no shit.

kayaknya ada yg nggak beres nih. masak semua 'oli lain' pasti dapet skor 250, n oli dia selalu 450?

mekanik yg konco plek sama mimi cuman mesam mesem tok... trus bisik2 "nggak mungkin oli sampeyan kalah mas, lha wong regone ae ping pindone, iku mesti onok opo opone"

nggak mau berburuk sangka, tapi asli pengen liat kalo olinya mbak itu dites duluan, trus baru tes pake oli lain di sesi kedua. kira2 apa hasilnya bakal 450/250? apa mungkin tetep 250/450? nggak tau. urusan servis sudah selesai. mesti buru2 ngebut menuju THR, mo browsing komputer... selak THR'e tutup.


yah, tapi strategi demo macem gitu bisa dibilang berhasil dg sukses. mereka nggak perlu bikin iklan tv dg budget gendut, ngontrak artis2 kondang tapi awam mesin, ato buang2 anggaran promosi buat bagi2 souvenir. di bengkel itu memang kemudian ada beberapa orang yg awalnya mau pake top gun switch ke bmw. hmmm hmmm hmmm mereka berhasil nyolong pasar dg cara yg pinter tanpa budget yg mahal. smart.

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notebook jangkrik

by Eddy Fahmi

he kapan ya notebook dijual secara jangkrik (rakitan)?
jadi orang yg mau beli bisa bebas ngatur spec-nya,
milih prosesor, ram, vga, sampek casing n adaptornya...

pasar indonesia kan nggak seberapa brand oriented.
pokoknya kalo ada barang murah spec bagus,
pasti banyak yg beli.

hayo hayooo sapa mau jadi pengusaha pertama yg jualan laptop jangkrik?



Friday, July 08, 2005 by Eddy Fahmi

heheee gombal tentang formula one lagi ni, bosen? egp, it's MY blog anyway :p kalo nggak doyan ya monggo browse situs lain.

silverstone, inggris raya. one of the greatest grands prix in the world. salah satu sirkuit balap paling tua. udah dipake balapan formula sejak tahun 50! panjang lintasan 5,141 km, 60 laps (308,355 km)

secara fasilitas silverstone terbilang sangat payah, parah. herannya upgradenya kok ya gitu2 aja. 2 tahun kemaren malah sempat ribut soal banjir di parkiran mobil penonton wehehehehee... pathetic. but hey it's silverstone. formula one punya sejarah disini. biar inggris punya brands hatch yg moderen ato donington park yg langganan dipake motogp, tetep aja formula one milih balapan di silverstone.

sama juga kayak monaco yg secara safety harusnya nggak lulus penilaian, tapi kan ya tetep aja FIA setuju balapan disono. why? monaco tempatnya orang kaya, n formula one itu balapan paling glamor sedunia. jadi ya harus ada event disono.


secara teknis sirkuit ini butuh aero downforce gede, desain mobil paling ciamik yg bakal menang. di trek mungkin kita bakal liat aksi alonso vs raikkonen. tapi entah pembalap mana yg menang, yg paling bangga nanti desainer tim juara. adrian newey? pat symonds? mike gascoyne? rory byrne?

sirkuit ini juga boros makan ban. banyak tikungan2 cepet, butuh karet lebih keras kalo mau bertahan sampek finish. tikungan pertamanya, copse, bisa dilewati dg kecepatan 250 kmh, abis gitu disusul kompleks tikungan kiri-kanan-kiri maggotts-becketts-chapel. semuanya dilewati dg kecepatan tinggi. kalo terlalu lunak, kompon ban bisa abis dimakan aspal situ. di bumi, cuman ada 1 kompleks tikungan yg lebih sangar dibanding yg ini, eau rouge-nya spa-francochamps, belgia.

n sama kayak catalunya, di silverstone angin bisa berhembus dari segala arah. kalo paket aero-nya mobil jelek oh it's gonna be bloody difficult to handle. coba liat mobil2 kuning jordan besok, perhatikan jordan. liat cara monteiro n karthikeyan megang setirnya. liat cara mereka joget2 di tikungan.


cuaca disini unpredictable. nigel stepney (ferrari) malah bilang bahwa prakiraan cuaca paling canggih pun belom bisa dipercaya. paling akurat ya liat langit langsung. heheheee itu inggris raya, kalo misalnya kita punya event balap formula one di sentul, cuacanya bukan unpredictable kali ya? tapi programmable :p mau cerah apa ujan? mendung? ato dikasih gerimis di lokasi2 tertentu? bisa diatur daahhh... n mungkin kemudian pawang2 ujan indonesia bisa direkrut kontrak satu musim balap penuh oleh FOCA ikut keliling dunia hehehe :D

beda dg eropa daratan, inggris punya suhu udara lebih dingin. ini lumayan nolong performance mobil2 bridgestone. tapi ya gimana2 tim2 michelin masih punya keuntungan lebih gede. awal tahun kemaren banyak tim michelin yg testing di silverstone. harusnya michelin punya cukup banyak data buat balapan weekend besok. bridgestone? ferrari lebih banyak mengucilkan diri di fiorano kalo testing, jordan ama minardi? heheheee... badut.


karena di prancis kemaren montoya DNF, dia bakal keluar kualifikasi duluan, rugi. n disini montoya kebagian jatah mesin baru, mungkin punya beberapa rpm lebih tinggi n sedikit tambahan tenaga kuda (moga2 nggak njebluk kayak mesinnya raikkonen kemaren). tapi raikkonen harus pake mesin bekas prancis kemaren (spec lama, tapi reliable). raikkonen bakal keluar kualifikasi belakangan, bagus.

secara aero, tahun ini mclaren punya body paling bagus. kira2 bakal mampu finish 1-2 di silverstone? peluangnya gede.

bob mckenzie

pernah posting tentang mckenzie disini:
n kalo mau ikut voting menentukan nasib mckenzie boleh klik disini:

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Thursday, July 07, 2005 by Eddy Fahmi


n kalo mau browsing material lucu2 lainnya lagi, ada disini:
(ada rss feed-nya juga ndry)



by Eddy Fahmi

Q: tikungan mana yg bisa ngasih stres lebih besar pd ban belakang dibanding turn 13 indianapolis?
A: copse, tikungan pertama silverstone.


nggak teliti?

Monday, July 04, 2005 by Eddy Fahmi

udah nonton war of the worlds?
inget adegan rachel ferrier kebelet pipis,
trus dia nemu banyak mayat di sungai?
nah, mayat pertama yg dia liat tuh laki2, gemuk, terapung, terlentang. huhuhuuu... dimana2 mayat laki2 kalo terapung di air posisinya pasti tertelungkup, kalo perempuan baru terlentang.

special effect-nya keren anyway... nice :D


magny cours

by Eddy Fahmi

balapan boring,
nggak asik,

yg lucu cuman benderanya kimi ama schumi ketukar waktu podium.
kalian perhatiin nggak tu bendera? liat nggak? liat nggak? ha.

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Sunday, July 03, 2005 by Eddy Fahmi

hmmm hmmm hmmm pada kemana pulisi? sepiii... :D
I feel the need...
the need for speed!

--Maverick, Top Gun.


Friday, July 01, 2005 by Eddy Fahmi

Some people are alive only because it's illegal to kill them.


by Eddy Fahmi

july: cut down caffeine intake.



forza ferrari!
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